Virginia Paranormal Society

meet the team


Nick Ferra

Founder of the Virginia Paranormal Society, Nick brings a healthy dose of skepticism to the field. While a spiritual individual at most he is a seeker of the truth when it comes to the paranormal field. He has a passion for helping and assisting those who need help dealing with strange phenomenon.  


Scott Gerhart & Shelli Sprouse

 Scott Gerhart and Shelli Sprouse have a long-standing interests in the murkiest corners of the paranormal. As a student of religion and theology, Scott is particularly drawn to the triumph of light over darkness. As a writer and researcher, Shelli is particularly driven to tease truth from anecdote. Both have a keen interest in Spiritual Warfare. Having decades of experience and multiple credits from investigations, interviews, print, and film, Scott and Shelli are proud to represent Valhalla Spirit Productions and St. Albans Sanatorium 


Brian Wickham

profile coming soon