Virginia Paranormal Society

About us


The Virginia paranormal society is a not-for-profit organization that was founded by Nick Ferra in January of 2006. The base of its foundation is to find answers to paranormal activity and help those in need who may be experiencing unexplained activity in their homes, place of business and other locations. 

The Virginia paranormal society is a proud member of the TAPS Family

We research and investigate claims of paranormal activity in the state of Virginia and surrounding areas.

Vps does this free of charge. Vps never charges our clients

We will not accept any money for our services. We are here to help and we do so for free. Any expenses that come about are covered by the team.

Our investigators have several years of combined knowledge investigating claims of paranormal activity. All of our investigators have also passed criminal background checks and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism.

We base our investigations around trying to find natural explanations to possible paranormal activity. In doing this, we come close to finding real answers and ensure that our claims are legitimate. We will never present nor post fake evidence of the paranormal to our clients or the public.